Even if this explanation demonstrates that by playing Blackjack, it is possible to win on the long term, do not believe that you can do your earnings or even become rich with it. Why?

Assume you play at a casino where the minimum bet is one dollar and the maximum bet is 100 dollars. By playing 60 games you will earn about 5 dollars - per hour! This is a statistical number, sometimes you will earn a few hundred, sometimes you will loose a few hundred. But the average is less than 5 dollars per hour! Tips, drinks and specially mistakes from your part are not included in these statistics.

With a total Expectation above zero you must bet high, otherwise this strategy won't work. But betting high means that you take a higher risk to loose all your capital. Therefore playing Blackjack according to any winning strategy means: Low earnings and high risks! In my opinion, the best way of earning money with Blackjack, is to write books about winning strategies.

Check the Blackjack simulator and look at the number of games you need to increase your capital. It simply takes far too long. Examine the results from the simulator and you will see that even if you have a moderate advantage over the dealer, there is no way to become rich through gambling.